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Bedrock Cat Statue Creeper Protection

Cat Statue Creeper Protection

Tired of your Minecraft house getting blown up by creepers? Creepers are scared of cats right? What if you had something that looked like a cat around your house to scare them off? Well, now you can! Introducing cat statues for Minecraft Bedrock


In Minecraft, one of the most frustrating things that happens to me is when creepers blow up my property. Well, now they won’t want to come on my property because I’m going to have Cat Statues everywhere!!

In this Minecraft Bedrock Addon, there is a new block added to the game called “Cat Statue”. This block is not in the creative menu, but can be made on the Stonecutter using mossy cobblestone. 

Just place mossy cobblestone on the stonecutter and make as many of these as you want!! 

Creepers avoid these statues and they look good too!

Experimental Mode must be activated!

If you have any suggestions for this addon, please email them to [email protected]

Enjoy Cat Statues!



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