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Cave Monsters Addon

Cave life getting you down? How about some Cave Monsters to liven things up a bit? We’ve got goblin swordfighters, goblin archers, orcs, cave trolls and (if you can survive the night) the dreaded Fire Swordsman (aka Fire Boy).


You need to wait for a full moon. One like this:

Start early! Just as the full moon rises gives you the best chance. If the attack hasn’t started before midnight, you’ve missed out. Descend into a large lush cave system, a large open cavern works best. Chunkbase will help you find one in your world. Then wait for an attack to start. You’ll probably see a goblin or two after some time. Like this one:

Head towards them, there will be more. The big ones are tougher. 

Other enemies include goblin archers (they have explosive arrows):

Cave Trolls:


Each attack is different and you might get overwhelmed by goblins and orcs and trolls so be ready to flee. If you make it until dawn, these enemies will start to despawn but Fire Boy will appear:

He loves fire. This guy has multiple attacks to keep you entertained. Defeat him and you’ve won the night! Fire Boy has a number of great drops, some of which may burn up in Fire Boy’s flame so be careful!

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