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Bedrock Ceval Fantasy V1

Ceval Fantasy V1 [BETA]


Tired of riding a horse? Tired of eating one type of berry? Tired of riding a horse using a saddle? I have a solution.. want to know? check the words below…


Before explaining about this Addon, thank you to MRM and MRG (names withheld), and thank you to me who made this Addon. Also thanks to the person who downloaded this Addon.

In this Addon there is one food and one animal. So let’s talk about food first…



Everyone must know the name blueberry. Blueberries or blue berries are flowering plants in the genus Vaccinium, part Cyanococcus. This species grows in North America. In this Addon blueberries are useful for survival. Its benefit is to eliminate toxins. We can use it to defend against the attacks of witches, cave spiders, and so on that make poison. The blueberries in this addon cannot be found in any biomes but can be crafted using sweet berries and sugar. Blueberries can also be used to tame animals in this Addon (not all animals in future Addons).

Now let’s move on to the animals in this Addon. Let’s discuss…



Vagia is an owl even though it looks like a peacock or an ostrich. Even though Vagia is an owl but she can’t fly. Vagia spawn in plains biome, and appears at night like an owl. Vagia is taken from the Greek “Koukouvagia” which means owl. Vagia is a fantasy bird of my own mind, so this is a first. As I explained when I was on blueberries, that blueberries can also be used to tame animals, and Vagia is the animal. Despite being tamed, Vagia still didn’t follow. Vagia can attack players, so tame it before riding it. Vagia’s walking controls are more difficult when compared to animals in other Addons.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrml6pQ7BcDkjbsixQvwpQQ


Thank you all, for those who have read and want to download this Addon, and it is hoped that this Addon can be updated as soon as possible. So, I want someone who wants to help me to make Textures, animation, and who does Test in Minecraft. You guys can help me by logging into my Discord, and helped make my discord more interesting.

Link:  https://discord.gg/HTXzXcDf

Download below


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