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Bedrock Chainsaw Man Add-on

Today, the popular video game Bedrock Chainsaw Man has released a new add-on for its fans. Players will now be able to explore two brand new levels of exciting game play and unlock new weapons to use in the main campaign mode.

The new add-on gives players access to two additional levels which take place in the world of Bedrock Chainsaw Man, filled with new enemies, traps, and puzzles for the player to solve. Along with the new levels, the add-on also offers new weapons for the main story mode. Players will also be able to purchase special upgrades from the store, which will give them access to additional items, upgrades, and even brand-new characters.

The new add-on offers a thrilling and unique experience that players have been eagerly waiting for since the base game launched. Bedrock Chainsaw Man is an already fantastic game, and the new add-on provides an even more dynamic and varied game play experience. The addition of these new levels and weapons make the game more attractive and will surely delight established fans and newcomers alike.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to jump into the world of Bedrock Chainsaw Man and try out the new levels and weapons. So pick up your chainsaw, and enter a brand new world of thrilling adventure!

Chainsaw Man Add-on


Are you watching Chainsaw Man ? if yes that’s cool bro! since you know this hero of hell I’ll give you a CHAINSAW devil in your world to protect villagers and your pets, to kill monsters instantly.

Chainsaw Man Add-on 

Made by BTG15 A.k.a BendyTheGamer15


This is the main entity of the add-on. Chainsaw Man and Denji is included because this is just a version 1.

Having a problem ’cause of monsters? chainsaw man will help you with that! he will kill every monsters in your world, for him wither is just kind of popcorn, he will just one hit it.


(Do not Spawn Too much Chainsaw Devil! ’cause this MOB is immortal. sometimes he can die.)

(You can Kill him but.. that’s not enough)

  • Health – immortal
  • Damage – unknown


  • Can do hard slash
  • Can Throw chain that stuns monsters
  • Can Teleport if it’s target is far
  • Can do combo for one hit.

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You need a Minecraft 1.19+ Version before downloading this add-on.


thank you.


Download the add-on, Enjoy !

Once you push that button you’ll be directed to mediafire

creator: https://www.youtube.com/@btg15  


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