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Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon | By Floaty

The world of video games and addons is ever evolving and, with the recent release of Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon | By Floaty, gamers everywhere are able to enjoy an entirely new gaming experience. This thrilling new addition to a popular game brings with it loads of new features and customizable settings, making it the perfect addition to any gaming session.

The Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon is based on the iconic character from the popular anime and manga series, “Chainsaw Man.” As such, Floaty developed this addon to bring this beloved character to life in the world of gaming. There are plenty of options available to customize your own version of the character, from the skin color, to the hat and clothing choices, and even to the weapons they can wield. This creates an incredibly immersive experience as players can create their own version of the character and become more immersed in the game.

Once your character is ready, the exciting action can begin. The game itself takes an interesting approach, allowing players to take on various missions in an open-world setting. This allows for some truly epic battles and plenty of opportunities to explore and uncover secrets as they progress through each level.

As with many addons, the Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon is completely free to download and also requires no additional downloads to begin playing. This makes it incredibly accessible to everyone, regardless of their computer specs. Additionally, gamers can also connect to it over their console or PC and play with friends, creating an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, the Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon is a welcomed addition to the gaming world. Not only does it bring the beloved character of Chainsaw Man to those who have not had the chance to explore it in manga form, but it also provides an interesting and immersive game experience that can be enjoyed by players of all levels of skill and experience. With the wide range of customization options, the open-world environment, and the ease of access, the Bedrock Chainsaw Man Addon | By Floaty is sure to be a hit.

Chainsaw Man Addon | By Floaty [Work in Progress]


This addon adds in Pochita and the ability to be chainsaw man. The addon is still unfinished, but I decided to release it anyway. It is because I’m working on another project.

With this addon you can have your very own Pochita that can be your pet or a very efficient tree cutter. You can find Pochita anywhere in your world.

To tame Pochita you, you just need to sneak and interact with it. Once done, you will lose some of your health. Pochita will attack any mobs that attack you or you attack. Note: you can only tame one Pochita.


To carry Pochita, sneak and interact with it. It will only work once you tame Pochita. Pochita can be use as a wood cutter or as a weapon once carried.




If you die while carrying Pochita, Pochita will merge with you, giving you the ability to turn into the chainsaw man. To transform simply use the Rip Cord item in your inventory. Being chainsaw man means you will need blood to last longer when transformed. Blood will be the one that will make you last longer as chainsaw man when you get to 10 Blood points you will be able to transformed. You automatically get blood every 3.5 seconds, or by attacking and killing mobs, but be aware that some mobs wont give you blood the husk being an example, getting blood will also give you regeneration. Being chainsaw man you will also give you some abilities, these are faster running speed, higher jump, stronger attack damage, and a special ability which is leap strike. Leap strike allows will make you leap towards where you’re looking, causing damage to whatever mob you hit, to activate just sprint and right click or hold the screen for mobile, Don’t use it too much though, as it will drain 5 blood points. If you wish to not to be chainsaw man anymore, just do /function contract_revoke


As said in the brief introduction this addon is still unfinished, Expect bugs to occur. Updates will be slow because I am working on another project.

creator: Flo_



Make sure you turn these experimental on, or else the addon won’t work:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Molang Features



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