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Bedrock Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man


Hello I’m Am The Creator Of This Addon But Not Of The Anime Or Manga So Credits To: “Tatsuki Fujimoto” All The Credit For He That’s Is The First Version Of My First Addon Cool Right?

Hello So Take Some Spoiler And Discover Some Cool Things




*200 HP

*Can Be Tameable With All Type Of Food

*Size Of 1

*Movement Speed Of 0.3

*Drop Active Chainsaw Mod



Chainsaw Arms

Chainsaw Arms:

Chainsaw Arms Have Some Things

*Damage Chance 60-100

*Max Durability 3500

*Have A Protection Of 25





You Can Get It For Now Killing A Pochiha

Chainsaw Head

Chainsaw Head:

Chainsaw Head Give Some Effects

*Speed IV


*Turbocharged Jump IV

*Regeneration VI

*Extra Life
You Can Get It For Now Killing A Pochiha


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