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Bedrock Chainsaws and Drills

Chainsaws and Drills

Hello friends today i present a new interesting addon to the tools lovers where i add some modern tools named chainsaws and drills interesting tools present in minecraft java mods. I hope you enjoy it.


Test of the tools speed

Images about the chainsaws and drills in third person

First all this tools need an important item named power unit wich crafting needs 4 copper ingots, 2 redstone powder, 1 iron ingot and 1 iron nugget

Next steep to obtain your own drill or chainmail is make the saws edge or drill edge

Iron drill edge

Golden drill edge

Diamond drill edge

Netherite drill edge

Iron saw edge 

Golden saw edge

Diamond saw edge

Netherite saw edge

Now once you have the edges you need to join the power unit with each one depending on the material you want to make it

Iron chainsaw

Golden chainsaw

Diamond chainsaw

Netherite chainsaw

Iron drill

Golden drill

Diamond drill

Netherite drill

creator: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071417345106


1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon, archive

2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 

3.-Wait the exportation

4.-Active the resorce and behavior packs

5.-Active the experimental options

6.-Go to play the addon in your world


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