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Bedrock Christmas Hunt

Christmas Hunt

Time for a serious Christmas Hunt! Locate nine specific biomes, find nine unique items, defeat nine yetis, get nine Christmas letters and you can craft your very own Elf Village, anywhere in your world. What could possibly be a better present than this..?

The Challenge

Find nine unique items scattered across your Minecraft world, in nine different biomes. Collect a letter from each biome.

The Yeti

If you hit an item, a yeti will appear within two seconds. Battle the yeti, and it will drop a letter. You need these letters to craft an awesome elf village.

A terrifying monster, full of crankiness. Can bust through trees and cacti and, terrifyingly, doors. You must defeat this beast to be granted a letter.

The Items

All items will drop their spawn egg. So if you want to move them around, feel free!

Candy Cane

Found in the desert. The yeti drops a letter ‘C’.


Found in Snowy Slopes. The yeti drops a letter ‘H’.

Gingerbread House

Found on Mooshroom Islands, drops a letter ‘R’.


Found in Snowy Beach. The yeti drops a letter ‘I’.

Guitar Elf

Found in Snowy Taiga, drops the letter ‘S’ (the first of two yetis to do so).


Found in Ice Spikes biomes, only at night time. Drops the letter ‘T’.


Scary ain’t they! Found in Snowy Plains. Their yeti drops an ‘M’.


Found in Grove biomes. They only spawn at night. Beware of these yetis! They are faster, have more health, and hit very hard. They drop the letter ‘A’.

Gingerbread Man

You may already have two ‘S’ letters if you found yourself a couple of guitar elves. You should get a gingerbread man anyway, because they are super cute. Find them in Beach biomes. Their yeti drops a letter ‘S’.

The Crafting Recipe

Add all your hard-won letters into a recipe and craft a Magic Key, like this:

The Elven Village

Hold the key and interact with the ground. Stand back and… you’ll have to wait and see, no spoilers here! The awesome Christmas music was kindly supplied by Geibral from Pixabay.

Differences for 1.17

If you happen to be running 1.17, please download the 1.17 version. Important differences are:

  • The reindeer will spawn in the Snowy Beach biome, the yeti will drop an ‘H’ or an ‘I’.
  • The snowflake will spawn in Snowy Taiga biome (night time), the yeti will drop an ‘A’ or an ‘S’.

All other items spawn as described.

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