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Chroma Tech adds several RGB lighting blocks to Minecraft! Included are RGB Lightstrips, Fences, Fence Gates, Doors, Signs and Trapdoors! Chroma Tech also has fully compatibility with any device or graphics setting, and functions with or without Ray Tracing!


Chroma Tech is an addon that adds RGB lighting themed blocks into the game! Chroma Lightstrips, Fences, Fence Gates, Doors, Trapdoors, and even some signs are all included and can be crafted in survival!

Light up your builds, or even some vanilla structures. Add that signature RGB style to your world!

Chroma Tech also retains complete functionality without Ray Tracing as well!

You will be able to find all of Chroma Tech’s blocks in the creative inventory by searching “Chroma”:

If you need help with the addon or need to find the recipes used for the blocks in survival then simply open up the How To Play section of settings, and everything you need can be found there.

You will need the following experiments enabled in your world for Chroma Tech to function properly:

If you are going to be using this with Ray Tracing on, please check out the recommended resource pack for this addon, Defined PBR.

Special thanks to Eko0087 for the assistance in creating the Door and Fence behaviours, as well as Gravel Studios for their Custom Trapdoor Example Pack.


To get to the final download links, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the download link available below
  2. Click “Free Access with Ads”
  3. Click “Discover interesting articles”
  4. Close the popup window after 5 seconds
  5. Click “Continue” and you will be redirected straight to the mediafire download page!

Utilizing link services such as Linkvertise allows you to support me and my current and upcoming projects just by simply viewing a few ads for 5 seconds before downloading my content. If you would like to support me in another way instead, I may consider creating an alternative method with exclusive sneak peaks, direct downloads, and more. 

If you would like a DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK to the addon, join the Minecraft RTX discord server:  https://discord.gg/eKVKD3c  
I will be posting direct links to this addon as well as all of my other content over there in the future, so stick around and even meet some of your favourite RTX resource pack creators!

To install or update the addon, first delete the old version of the addon if you have it and open the new .mcaddon file to have it automatically import into the game. You can then apply the addon to your worlds after turning on the required experimental features and use it wherever you like! 

creator: https://twitter.com/MADLAD3718


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