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Cinematic Toolbox

This add-on (resource pack only) adds numerous commands to enhance the immersive experience of your Minecraft Adventure Map! Includes features such as fading to black, cinematic black bars and custom titles.

The add-on uses the vanilla /title command to generate visual effects, very useful for cutscenes, intros & smooth transitions between teleports. You can easily customize the timing of the title and subtitle effects using the /title times command . Other effects can be customized by modifying the hud_screen.json file and following the comments preceded by “//”.

The title effect, displaying a custom image in the middle of the screen. Notice also how other UI elements are not visible.


The cinematic black bars effect. Useful for cutscenes.


The blink effect. Useful for teleports.


Here are all the title commands available (the commands also work with the Safe Area set to a value smaller than 100):


 /title @p title hud hide

Hides all the HUD elements (chat, hotbar, xp bar, hearts, hunger, horse hearts, horse power jump) apart from the hand.


 /title @p title hud show

Shows all the HUD elements back. Ideally useful after “/title @p title title” or “/title @p title hud hide”


 /title @p title title

Will display a title image that will stay on screen for as long as you define it with the “/title times ” command. This command also hides the HUD (hotbar, chat etc.)


 /title @p title subtitle

Will display a title image that will stay on screen for as long as you define it with the “/title times ” command.


 /title @p title blink

The screen fades to black and then fades out again.


 /title @p title blink slow in

The screen fades to black slowly, remaining this way until another title command is executed.


 /title @p title blink slow out

The screen fades out from black slowly.


 /title @p actionbar bars in

Top and bottom black bars slide in, creating a cinematic feel. Very useful for cutscenes. Combine with “/title @p title hud hide” to creat an even more immersive feel. Another suggestion would be to use invisibility if you want to hide the player’s hand.


 /title @p actionbar bars out

Top and bottom black bars slide out.


 /title @p actionbar subtitle  

If you want to run actionbar title commands while the black bars are shown, you have to preceed any text with “subtitle “. Otherwise, the actionbar text will cause the black bars to disappear

creator: Vladu11

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