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Bedrock Cinematick Add-On

Cinematick Add-On


Create, and film your cinematic, dynamic, and smooth trailer in less than five minutes, using powerful, simplified, and easy to understand tools without needing experimental features, and high device requirements.


How to start the Add-On

In order to start, you need to run the command “ /function start ” or, “ /function ctk_start “.

After running the command, you’ll receive your tools in your hot bar.

How to use the Add-On

 In your hot bar, you’ll find all of the essential tools such as “Start Cinematic Trailer”, “Create Cinematic Marker”, “Create Focus Marker” and movement speed manager, as shown in this image below.

Tools Help

– Create Cinematic Trailer : To begin your cinematic trailer, use this tool, you also need to have at least two cinematic markers and a focus marker. 


– End Cinematic Trailer : Use this to cancel / end cinematic trailer, this will not clear your cinematic and focus markers.

– Create Cinematic Marker : This will create a cinematic marker which will be used as a locator when spectating, currently you can only have 10 markers at once.

– Create Focus Marker : You can have as many as you want, your camera will focus on the closest focus marker, however the transition is not the smoothest.

– Exit : In order to exit cinema mode, you can either use this tool, or run “ /function ck_exit “.

Common Issues

– Issues : Nothing Happens when I run ” /function start “.

   – Solutions : Change your game language to English US.

   – Solutions : Try using ” /function ctk_start ” instead.


– Issues : I can’t join Cinematic Mode.

  – Solutions : Make sure there are no one else using the add-on in your world.


You are not allowed to re-upload this item to any website without our permission, if you are looking forward to create content using this add-on, credit is appreciated but not required.

creator: https://twitter.com/StudioArgent


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