Clash Royale Weapons Addon!

You’ve always wanted to be a soldier and fight such as your favourite Clash Royale troops?? Now you can!! Whole new weapons, golems, and potions added to Minecraft!!! Prepare yourself for the battle!!



In order to make some of the most powerful weapons of the addon we’ll need Black Iron Ingots:

With two of them we can craft Black Iron Ingot Rods:

Using one item of both materials we can craft the Mini P.E.K.K.A Sword 

(Damage: 22) (Durability: 2500) (Repairable: 2 Black Iron Ingots)

By using two Black Iron Ingots and a Black Iron ingot Rod we get a P.E.K.K.A Sword

(Damage: 30) (Durability: 3000) (Repairable: 3 Black Iron Ingots) (Slowness Effect)

With one Black Iron Ingot, 5 Flint and a Stick, we get the Dark Prince’s Mace

(Damage: 20) (Durability: 2500) (Repairable: 1 Black Iron Ingot)

Using one Soul Sand and four Soul Soil we can craft Soul Essence, another important material for several recipes.

Using 8 Soul Essence items and a Diamond we get Night Gem

With a Night Gem, 2 Iron Ingots, and 2 Black Iron Rods we get the Night Witch’s Staff

(Damage: 10) (Durability: 2000) (Repairable: 2 Black Iron Ingots) (Night Vision) (Function: Spawns 2 Clash Royale Bats)

Clash Royale Bats aren’t spawned only by a Night Witch’s Staff Function, but also they spawn on Soul Valley Biomes. They’ll damage everything around them except the player.

With 3 Black Iron Ingots, 2 Flint Items, and 3 Iron Ingots, we can craft a Mega Knight Glove

(Damage: 22) (Durability: 2500) (Repairable: 3 Black Iron Ingots) (Slowness Effect) (Function: Jump Boost)

Using Black Stone, a Bone Block, a Skeleton Skull, and three Soul Essence items we can craft a Magic Skull

With a Magic Skull and two Sticks we get the Witch’s Staff

(Damage: 5) (Durability: 1200) (Repairable: Magic Skull) (Function: Spawns 4 Clash Royale Skeletons)

Clash Royale Skeletons are friendly to Minecraft players as long as they aren’t damaged by one. They die with a single hit but when spawned they’ll help you kill hostile enemies.

With two Black Iron Ingots, 4 Flint Items, 2 Night Gems, and a Stick, we can craft the Skeleton King’s Mace

(Damage: 20) (Durability: 2500) (Repairable: 2 Black Iron Ingots) (Slowness Effect) (Function: Spawns a Skeleton Army)

To craft a Hog Rider’s Mallet we use two Iron Blocks, two Gold Ingots, and a stick.

(Damage: 15) (Durability: 1100) (Repairable: 10 Iron Ingots)

To craft a Bandit’s Stick Club we use 2 Sticks, 2 Stripped Oak Wood Blocks, and an Oak Wood with Bark

(Damage: 7) (Durability: 500) (Repairable: 4 Stripped Oak Logs)

Using a Stripped Oak wood Block, 2 Oak Wood with Bark Blocks, and 2 Iron Nuggets, we can craft the Rascal’s Wood Sword

(Damage: 7) (Durability: 500) (Repairable: 4 Oak Wood with Bark Blocks)

Using two Iron Blocks, one Gold Block, and two Gold Ingots, we can craft the Golden Knight’s Sword

(Damage: 17) (Durability: 1700) (Repairable: 3 Iron Blocks) (Village Hero Effect) (Function: Speed) 

Using a Stick, an Iron Ingot, an Iron Nugget, and two Gold Nuggets, you can craft a the Skeleton’s Sword used by Clash Royale Skeletons.

(Damage: 6) (Durability: 550) (Repairable: 2 Iron Ingots)

With two Iron Ingots, two Iron Nuggets, and a Stick, we can craft a Barbarian’s Sword

(Damage: 7) (Durability: 500) (Repairable: 3 Iron Ingots)

With a Barbarian Sword, 3 Iron Blocks, and a Gold Block, we can craft an Elite Barbarian’s Sword

(Damage: 20) (Durability: 1000) (Repairable: 12 Iron Ingots)

Using an Iron Ingot, two Gold Nuggets, and a Stick, we can craft a Goblin’s Knife

(Damage: 6) (Durability: 500) (Repairable: 2 Iron Ingots) 

Using two Sticks, an Iron Ingot, and either Blue or Red Dye, we can craft a Goblin’s Spear

(Damage: 6) (Durability: 500) (Repairable: 1 Iron Ingots)

Using two Iron Ingots, two Enchanted Apples, and a Gold Ingot, we can craft the Healer’s Sword

(Damage: 7) (Durability: 1000) (Repairable: 10 Gold Ingots) (Function: Regeneration)

With two Iron Blocks, an Iron Ingot, and 2 Sticks, we can craft the Valkyrie’s Axe

(Damage: 15) (Durability: 1100) (Repairable: 10 Iron Ingots)

With 4 Iron Blocks, a Stick and two items either of Blue or Red Dye, we can craft the Prince’s Sword

(Damage: 20) (Durability: 1100) (Repairable: 4 Iron Blocks)

Using an Iron Shovel, a Wood Block, and an Iron Block we can craft the Miner’s Shovel

(Damage: 8) (Durability: 1000) (Repairable: 1 Iron Block) (Digs Sand, Gravel, Dirt, etc on Impact)

With 5 Iron Ingots, an Iron Block, 2 Flint Items, and a Stick, we can craft the Executioner’s Axe

(Damage: 15) (Durability: 1100) (Repairable: 11 Iron Ingots)

With 3 Log Blocks, 4 Iron Blocks, and two Flint Items, we can craft The Log

(Damage: 20) (Durability: 2000) (Repairable: 4 Iron Blocks)

Using two Sticks, one Iron Ingot, and two Gold Nuggets, we can craft a Guard’s Spear

(Damage: 6) (Durability: 600) (Repairable: 2 Iron Ingots) 

Using 3 Iron Ingots and 2 Iron Nuggets we can craft a Knight’s Sword

(Damage: 7) (Durability: 600) (Repairable: 3 Iron Ingots)

Using an Iron Block, 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Blue Dye Items, and a Clownfish, we can craft the Fish Weapon used by the Fisher

(Damage: 8) (Durability: 1000) (Repairable: 6 Iron Ingots)

Elixir is an ore found on Desert Biomes, we can extract it using any pickaxe for several recipes.

Using 9 Elixir Items we can craft an Elixir Block

By using an Elixir Block with Water Bottles we can get Rage Potions. (5 minutes of Speed and Haste)

With a Rage Potion, an Iron Axe, an Iron Block and 2 Iron Ingots, we can craft the Lumberjack’s Axe

(Damage: 10) (Durability: 1200) (Repairable: 8 Iron Ingots) (Haste and Speed Effect) 


Using Elixir we can also craft an Elixir Armor, it offers a protection and durability almost equal to a Diamond Armor


As we mentioned in the Lumberjack’s Axe recipe we can get a Rage Potion by using an Elixir Block and Water Bottles

Also we can get a Lightning Potion using a Lightning Evoker with Water Bottles. A Lightning Evoker can be crafted with a Clock and a Lightning Rod.

We can throw a Lightning Potion to Evoke Three Lightnings wherever we want.


We can use Elixir Blocks on a Stonecutter  in order to change their aspect and use them as decoration.


By using Black Stone, Ice, Snow, a Carved Pumpkin, and Soul Essence we can craft an Ice Golem Generator

Clash Royale Ice Golems have enough life to deal with hostile mobs near their territory.

By using the next recipe we can craft an Elixir Golem Generator

Elixir Golems have a lot of life and damage although they’re also quite slow. They’ll separate themselves on different phases when dead and attack any hostile mob near them.The perfect guardians!!


I know there are multiple things to add including structures, armors, mobs, etc. If this addon has enough support I’ll plan doing an update with all of that 😉

Don’t forget to download and share with your friends!!

I’ve the creator rights of this addon and is strictly prohibited to damage them!!

Leave all your suggestions below, they’re really appreciated. If you want to contact me you can write to my mail: [email protected]


creator: 303HyperError303


Updated Linkvertise Links. Minecraft Clash Royale Weapons Addon. 1.18+ versions


Click on the link for each one of the packs and follow the steps to download them.


By aadhu

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