Clickable Sign


do you want to use clickable sign on your map, but your Minecraft is bedrock edition?

This addon will add a tool that will allow you to create a clickable sign and will execute commands, I can’t guarantee this addon is free of bugs, so if you find a bug report it immediately.

How to use?

  • First of all you need to have a clickable sign editor by picking it up in your creative inventory or by “give @s mctvid:clickable_sign_editor”
  • after that click sign with clickable sign editor then it will appear like this, enter the command you want when someone clicks the sign
  • after that you can use it


Experimental Gameplay


We really appreciate your suggestions and feedback in the comments column, and please report if you find any bugs in this addon



If you want to review this addon on youtube etc, please include the download link to this site 




By aadhu

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