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Are you looking for an addon with which you can control your world? imagine if you need rain to put out a fire with a click you can make it appear or do the day if you want to skip the dark and dangerous night if you need it this addon is what you are looking for this addon was created by Halo333. This addon can be used as you like it contains a license with which you can copy the code that it carries



  • New item This new item is called tic toc and it is the main item with which you will control the time

this item if you right click if you are on windows 10 or hold down if you are on cell phone when you do that, this interface will appear

This interface works in this way you can select what you want to happen for example if you want to do the day you select the day this is the list of what each button does to your select the button will have a cooldown of 10 to 15 seconds


  1. Day this button makes the time change to day
  2. Night this button makes the time change to night
  3. Wheather OFF makes if it is raining cancel the rain
  4. Rain makes it start to rain useful if you want to stop a fire
  5. Thunder makes the weather turn to a thunderstorm


If you want to see a video of how it works, see the following


unfortunately this video is in Spanish but it is understood



creator: DhrolyStudios


By aadhu

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