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Easy to use shopkeepers, simply grab and egg and place it where you want and you are good to go, and if you want to add some spice check out the extra little add-on 😀

Custom shops are a pain to make with a bunch of command blocks so this is an easy to use shop process that removes all that headache, simply go in to creative and grab and egg and place it down. 

There are 5 different shops and 3 different designs to choose from. Each shop has a Male, female & Stone variant.


Each shop is labelled by number so you know which shop is which. They are indestructible. Not even OP can kill them unless you run a command. The easiest command to use is 

/kill @e[family=shop,r=2] 

Just make sure you are close to the shop you want to despawn when running command  

currency used at shops are found from killing mobs, fishing, exploring village chest & selling ores to shop 3(male,female,stone). You can merge 9 green notes to make 1 red and 9 red to make 1 blue. And also you can un-merge them as well. 


PS if you’d like to spice you game up a little check out the blocks gone wild add-on that i have posted here it makes a sub version of the little block shop dudes. They will spawn randomly around the map like zombies do and they are hostile as well. Just make sure if you use them with codexshops you put them in this order so that they drop money as well. They are usable without codexshops if that is what you choose.



Rights to this add-on are as stated, have fun and mess with the add-on if you want. Credit me if you want or don’t. Either way I don’t mind. I am not like other add-on makers that NEED others to see there work. All I ask is for you to enjoy minecraft and stop punch trees lol 


PS if there is anything i should do to make this pack better please do tell. thank-you


Simply download the add-on beh file and res file and install by clicking on them.

Make sure you have these a checked on so that the add-on runs smoothly. 



If using both Shop and BGW then ensure shops is on top so it changes the drops for the block mobs.


This add-on changes the drops for all hostile mobs so any other add-ons that do the same WILL CLASH with mines.

creator: CodexCraft

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