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Bedrock Complement Doors Addon (+180 new doors added) By EndXenoc

Recently released addon “Bedrock Complement Doors Addon (+180 new doors added)” by EndXenoc has been a huge success for the gaming industry. After years of waiting and speculations, the addon has arrived, bringing a rich and strong collection of doors for Minecraft. The addon introduces an impressive variety of doors from which users can select from, with over 180 new additions.

Each of the doors have been carefully crafted to have its own unique textures, with beautiful details and features. Among these features are smooth door frames with vibrant colours and dynamic responses to user interactions. As a result, the addon has managed to capture gamers’ imaginations as it adds more unique doors to Minecraft’s existing catalog.

Besides the impressive visuals and textures, this addon also brings more customization options with mod support. Creators of the addon recently released a number of mod packs compatible with the Bedrock Complement Doors Addon, adding even more custom doors to the base game content. This gives users more power when it comes to customizing their own builds, with a variety of doors to choose from.

In conclusion, the Bedrock Complement Doors Addon by EndXenoc is a well-crafted collection of doors for the Minecraft game. Its addition adds about 180 custom doors for users to choose from, with unique textures and features that give more customization options to players. With its wide variety of styles and mod support, it is easy to see why this addon has been such a success in the industry.

Complement Doors Addon (+180 new doors added) By EndXenoc


Hello everyone, today I bring you a new addon for Minecraft Bedrock that adds more than 180 doors with different styles and all types of wood in the game. There are also the doors of Minecraft Vanilla but with the other types of wood.

To use this addon you must activate the experimental gameplay in the map settings.


Please, if you share this addon in any social network, you must leave credits and the link of this page, do not use direct links.

This is an addon that adds many wooden doors, it also adds the doors of Minecraft Vanilla but with the different types of wood.

To get the blocks you must first craft the new carpenter’s table.

Carpenter’s Table

This block is used to craft all doors that this addon adds.




All doors are crafted as follows


Doors with windows are made as follows.


You can create double-sided doors by placing one door next to another.

Use experimental gameplay



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