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Bedrock Compression Block Addon

Compression Block Addon

This mod saves space in chests and adds 75 new blocks. In this mod, you can compress 15 blocks and the maximum number of compression in a block is 5.


all blocks can be read:

  • andesite
  • coarse dirt
  • diorite
  • dirt
  • end stone
  • granite
  • netherrack
  • sand
  • red sand
  • soul sand
  • soul soil
  • stone
  • clay
  • cobblestone
  • gravel

blocks are compressed in a regular crafting table when decomposing 9 blocks of one of the listed blocks. 



an indicator of how much space is saved thanks to the mod: 





and the more blocks you need to compress, the more space will remain. for example , if you take 59049 blocks, then they can be compressed to 1 block


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