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Bedrock Cookie Crafter Addon

Cookie Crafter Addon


Hello guys! I released another addon called Cookie Crafter and this addon is all about Cookies which you can eat any kind of cookies in the inventory! Each cookies has effects or abilities and you can also craft equipment by using cookies! 

This addon is epic! You can fight mobs and craft any kinds of cookies!!

Crafting Recipes!

If you wanna know or craft any items, follow these guides.



Cookie Sword

Durability: 250

Damage: 7

Dark Choco Sword

Durability: 350

Damage: 8

Baking Spoon

Durability: 175

Damage: 6

(This equipment can break food blocks like Melon, Pumpkin and Cake)

Milky Sword

Durability: 400

Damage: 9

Cookie Axe

Durability: 250

Damage: 7

(Can break normal wood)

Durability: 250

Damage: 7

(Can only mine Stone)



Chocolate Cookie

Double Chocolate Cookie

Double Chip

Cookie Cream Filling

Chorus Cookie

Dark Choco Cookie

Milky Cookie

Chocolate Milk Chip Cookie

Gold Cookie Nuggets


You can also Trades with Chef’s


Chef Villager Trades

Chef Illager Trades



Do not use this mob until its fixed


Monster Mobs Preview

Gameplay Pictures

Addon Preview



To @Addon Wizard!! By making this Cookie

To @Knightley for letting me borrow this model



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