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Bedrock Cool 3D Weapons Addon (1.16.0+)

Cool 3D Weapons Addon (1.16.0+)


This addon adds cool 3D weapons to Minecraft, making you feel cooler when holding them. Currently this Addon only has 1 weapon, but I will update more weapons over time

This addon adds eye-catching 3D weapons to the Minecraft game, and yes, 3D when held in first-person and third-person perspectives, giving the user a sense of confidence when using them. These weapons are mostly uncraftable, however they can be found in random chests in Minecraft. For now this addon will only have 1 3D weapon to start with, we will update more later:

  • Red Sword:
    • Damage: 12
    • Durability: 3000
    • Special Ability: No
    • Craftable: No
    • Loot Table:
      • Abandoned Mineshaft
    • Images:

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgcMsgQsJXxZFulRd55a_Ag


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