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Bedrock Copper Golem Addon with Extra Features! (Axe Deoxidation!)

Copper Golem Addon with Extra Features! (Axe Deoxidation!)

Copper Golems with the ability to tame, sit, and protect you! I know there have been quite a few Copper Golem addons, but this one will blow you away! With the ability to deoxidize them using axes and from a lightning strike, these copper golems will be a perfect addition to your world!


Make sure to turn on “Holiday Creator Features” AND “Experimental Molang Features!”

🔵Normal Copper Golem🔵


🔵Exposed Copper Golem🔵


🔵Weathered Copper Golem🔵


🔵Oxidized Copper Golem🔵






🔷Creating A Copper Golem🔷

Put down a copper block and a lightning rod, and throw a copper ingot onto the block!


🔷Taming A Copper Golem🔷

Feed any untamed Copper Golem with a copper ingot to tame it!



Right-click / interact with the Copper Golems to sit them down!


🟦Copper Golem Usages🟦

You can scrape Copper Golems with any axe to deoxidize them!



They will behave like wolves when tamed, attacking anything that damages you!



The Copper Golems will run towards any wooden buttons nearby!



When tamed, you can sit Copper Golems next to buttons and they will randomly press it!



A nearby lightning strike can also deoxidize the Copper Golems!



Oxidized Copper Golems can be deoxidized, but will not move or turn!



Copper Golems will prioritize walking onto any type of copper blocks, slabs, and stairs!


If you make a video on this addon, make sure to include a link to THIS PAGE and that only!

(copper golem, copper, weeweejuice, weewee juice, copper, amethyst, gilded netherite, emerald)


Download the packs and turn on Holiday Creator Features and Experimental Molang Features!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6RfpSgp4qwBqF-PX5-gueg


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