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Bedrock Copper Golem Friend

Copper Golem Friend

This addon adds a copper golem, which was shown at Minecon 2021. Unfortunately, he can’t press the buttons, but he will become a friend for you. Initially, he will be afraid of anything that can harm him. But if you tame him, he will be your protector and faithful companion.


Crafting a copper golem is shown below:

Golem has 5 stages of oxidation.
Stage 1. Normal, without any changes.
Stage 2. Damage and speed become less, but health becomes more.
Stage 3. Damage and speed are even less, but health is even greater.
Stage 4. Golem can’t move anymore, health is even greater.
Stage 5. It is no longer possible to bring the golem back to life, it becomes a statue. The pose in which the statue is located can be changed

  • To tame the golem, use a copper ingot.
  • To heal the golem, use raw copper.
  • To return the golem to its normal state, use an iron axe.
  • To speed up the golem, feed it with charcoal
creator: FealFix

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