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Cosmetic ModThis is a very special cosmetic pack. This pack doesn’t behave like any other cosmetic on the whole Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. What’s so special about this pack you may ask? To put it simple this pack acts like any mod on the Java Edition with cosmetics. If you have the pack, you can see other players with cosmetics and vice versa. Before the Cosmetic Mod there were cosmetic packs, but only you could see it and if you wanted multiple cosmetics, you would also have to install the Cosmetic Mixer along with the packs. Now all you need is this single pack, a Minecraft skin, and photo editing software (will explain).


There are currently 10 cosmetics and 2 customizable parts that can be made into multiple other cosmetics. This opens up 50+ possible customizable parts and with the power to choose your own colors and cosmetic you’ll have over 10,000 cosmetic mixes!


  • Wings: A modified forelimb that resembles the Ender Dragons with a nice and smooth animation.
  • Cape: A accessory that goes on the back of your player.
  • Halo: A hat that resembles a floating ring above the player’s head.
  • Scarf: A warm knit of cotton that goes around the player’s neck.
  • Susanno: A 6-pronged protrusion coming from your back that wraps around you. (Resembles a ribcage)
  • Tentacles: 4 tentacles that come from you back.
  • Chain: A necklace made out of chain links.
  • Horns: Small protrusions of keratin coming from the left and right sides of your head
  • Goat Horns: Bigger protrusions of keratin coming from the back of your head
  • Cat Ears: Nyan~
  • Face: A customizable part that can be made into a face mask, glasses, etc. (any face accessory)
  • Helmet: A customizable part that can be made into a crown, bandana, hat, etc. (any hat accessory)


Here is some of the cosmetics brought to you by the Cosmetic Mod

Cape: Inspired by Minecraft

Wings: Inspired by Ender Dragon

Scarf: Inspired by Ralsei

 Susanno: Inspired by Vepex

Halo: Inspired by angels

Tentacles: Inspired by Slender Man

These are some beautiful screenshots. How did I do it? All I did was take a skin and put a cosmetic on it that represents it well, placed it in an area that can fit the look of the character, turn on RTX, and gave it a pose. How did you get a third person perspective and poses? For the third person perspective I used a client called Onix Client that allows me to use freecam. The custom poses came from a pack called the Ultimate Thumbnail Maker by Chainsketch.


How to Customize

This pack requires you to have a custom skin or skin pack and a cape. (Can be pancake or founders)

The Cosmetic Mod uses your custom skin to render cosmetics on the player. To customize your Minecraft skin, you’ll need Image editing software. If you’re not sure if you have image editing software there will be links a line below.

Windows 10/11: Paint 3D | Can be found by pressing start and typing” Paint 3D”

Android: IsoPix | Can be found on the Google Play Store

IOS: Pixen | Can be found on the Appstore

Other: Minecraft Skin Editor (


UV Maps

If you want to customize your own cosmetics, please follow this UV Map guide. If you don’t understand how this works my contacts will be at the bottom.


Cat Ears:



Goat Horns:









The pack additionally comes with Cosmetic Mixer V19 and above support, full server compatibility, realm support, and they show on your player and other players with the pack.



Please do not claim you made it or make another download link/make profit via the new download link.

If you wish to review the pack you must include:

  • a link to Xatalyst’s channel.
  • the original download link.

Important Note

this pack will have some bugs with other player if they accidentally filled in the spots where the cosmetic is supposed to be. Also make sure you have a cape equipped for the pack to work. (This is to prevent Hive Costumes breaking)


Creator Info

-YouTube | Xatalyst

-Discord | Xatalyst#8114

-Server | Discord Server


Special Thanks


-Youtube | Chainsketch 

-Discord | Chainsketch#4364



I hope you like this pack I spent a lot of time on it <3

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