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Bedrock Cow Milking Drop OP Items Addon

Cow Milking Drop OP Items Addon

Cow Milking Gives You Op Items What happened if you take milk from cow we all knows nothing happened, Lets Make it Interesting with this Addon, When You Take Milk from cow. Cow drop overpowered-OP Items, Its Looking Funny right? Lol, Can we kill the game boss (ender dragon) by using cow!?

Lets Find Out! Ohh Wait! First i need to install the addon! 

Have Fun 😀


About the addon :-

In This Addon You Can get So Many types of loots from the cow milking :- 

  • Op Armors  
  • Op Weapons 
  • Op Tools 
  • Op Foods  
  • Op Enchantment Books 
  • Other OP Items (So Many Items) 
  • Op Chest (They have Minecraft Structures Loots Inside in it) Few Example are given below :-   
  • Op Vanilla Backpack (Shulker box)   

How to use this feature :- 

  1. Take a bucket in your main hand 
  2. Go to near the cow 
  3. Click on the milk button logo 
  4. Now you get op drops That’s it! 

You can also make a farm for it and enjoy the addon! 

Don’t forget to drink milk Its Good for your health! 

Have Fun 😀

If you want to share the addon use this link! Only 

  • You are not allowed to share the direct download link (mediafire link) of this addon 
  • You are not allowed to re-upload the addon on other website
  • You are not allowed to edit the addon file data
I Hope you like the Addon!


  1. Improve the introduction page for the loot details.
  2. Adding some in game images in loot details page.


This addon will work in Android, iOS and Windows

For Android and iOS player :- Download the addon and click on it and then select minecraft that’s it now you can able to use it in your world 

  1. Open your world setting
  2. Select the addon in behaviour pack
  3. Now you can play!

For Windows player :- Download zip file and unzip the file in your world behaviour folder and Start your world and play!

I Hope you can understand the installation steps if not then you can search how to install addon in Minecraft for Android, iOS and Windows

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2RsQdKSLrV3WXAw7QNECUQ


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