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Bedrock Craftable Farts

Craftable Farts

This entertaining addon brings 6 unique farts to the game.  Each one is craftable.  The all sound a little different and also inflict different types of damage to players and mobs.


This addon gives you 6 different farts that you can use to entertain, and also kill, other players in your world.  

The farts have very simple recipes.


El Diablo – Lava Bucket and Red Mushroom

Alex’s Revenge – Gunpowder and Slime Ball

Mornin’ Mud – Cocoa Beans and Milk Bucket

Pumpkin Paste – Pumpkin and Bone Meal

Purple Haze – Spider Eye and and Egg

WhoDunIt – Rotten Flesh and an Egg


Once you have crafted your fart, you just need to hold it and then crouch to unleash it’s fury.

This addon needs Holiday Experimental Features on to work

This addon does modify player.json file.

*** I create this addons for free and I don’t make you go through an ad-wall (adfly, linkvertise, etc) to get them.  In return, I ask you to visit my YouTube channel and consider subscribing if you enjoy the addons.  Thanks.


Download the .mcaddon file

Click to install

Add to your world and make sure to enable experimental Holiday features.



creator: TheMCD912


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