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Bedrock Craftable Op Structures

Craftable Op Structures


“Craftable Op Structures” This is addon for Minecraft Pocket/Bedrock Edition in this addon you can craft op structures and build them in seconds and these structures consist every valuable stuff like op armours and these structures consist many traps and mobs and they try to kill you and this make game very interesting

This addon has total 10 structure

  • Village
  • Mansion/Outpost
  • Desert Temple
  • Ancient city
  • Ruined portal
  • Fortress
  • Bastion
  • Op hut
  • Strong hold
  • End city


For redistribution or downloading link “Give Link”

If you are making content/public server using this addon give credit to  @Tilak_Gaming

Free to use in single player and private servers


Download the file

Open the file using minecraft

As addon is imported make new world and activate resource pack and behaivour pack named “Craftable Op Structures” and turn on experimental 

Follow these setups to use this addon

Enjoy the game with Craftable Op Structures


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