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Bedrock Craftable Structures

Craftable Structures

Have you ever wanted to craft structures in survival? Have you ever been trying to make a render but couldn’t find the right structure? Have you ever wanted to make a map using structures? Have you ever wanted to find structures more easily? Well if you have ever wanted any of these things this add-on is perfect for you  



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Temple  [3d item]  

Spawns a temple with randomized loot 

The Temple doesn’t destroy landscape 

The Temple also has a TNT trap 


How To Craft The Temple :

Requires 2 planks, 3 sand, 1 chest, 3 TNT



Ruined Portal [3d item]

Spawns a ruined portal

Ruined Portal Doesn’t Destroy Landscape 

Ruined Portal also has randomized loot 

How to Craft the Ruined Portal : 

Requires 8 obsidian and 1 chest 



Pillager Outpost [3d item]

Spawns a pillager outpost

Pillager outpost doesn’t destroy landscape

Pillager Outpost has randomized loot

Pillager Oupost also comes with a pillager captain 


How to craft pillager outpost :

Requires 7 Planks, 1 Chest, 1 Bow


This add-on doesn’t use player.json 

You may make videos showcasing this add-on but you must link this page

You aren’t allowed to make new mediafire links of this add-on

You aren’t allowed to upload this add-on anywhere else

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