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Bedrock Crazy Traps V.1.1 (Blocks Trap Addon)

Crazy Traps V.1.1 (Blocks Trap Addon)

Want to trap a friend but it’s difficult because the trap is easy for your friends to discover? Try this addon; the texture is similar to regular blocks, making it difficult to find; it also has other features such as notification, sound effect, how to survive, trap type, and trap effect!


Designed for those who enjoy playing practical jokes on their friends, but use caution! Please use them with caution, as these traps have a fairly large area of impact, and some of the traps have quite a bizarre effect. The trap will become active if any entity steps on it, such as dropped items, players, monsters, mobs, and so on.

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– V.1.1 (Earthquake, Black hole, Creeper Terriory, Sandstorm, TNT)


PREVIEW (Crafting Table Recipe + Traps Impact)


2.Black hole

3.Creeper Territory





I apologize for including an ad in the download link, because I need it for future EuForia projects

Download, share, and have fun with my submissions that means you support for future projects

and to be honest I am very happy that you play this project

But I want you guys to interact more with me like criticizing my map properly, the reason?



I believe that everyone can have fun, but because not everyone is able to have these facilities,

I try to facilitate your happiness.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use any of my projects as a form of business,

my projects are prohibited from being sold and republished elsewhere, because I made this exclusively (You can share the link, not reupload!)

[Creative Commons license]


  1. Download
  2. Open
  3. Will import data automatically
  4. Check on Global Resources
  5. Use
  6. Enjoy

creator: https://twitter.com/EuforiaAlhaq


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