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This addon adds blocks, items and systems ported from the java edition create mod.


– Activate Experiments.

– Version 1.19.10+.

– Gamemode Survival is Recommended.

– – Made By Fan – –

16 colors

Hand Crank:
normal click = rotate right
crouch click = rotate left

used to transmit spin to other blocks


used to transmit spin to different positions

It works like an axle, and can also transmit lateral rotation

Mechanical Belt:
used to transmit spin and to transport entities

Used to reverse rotation of “Mechanical Piston” and “Mechanical Belt”.Active when Redstone Block is on top

Mechanical Mixer && Basin:
I recommend watching my showcase video

Mechanical Press && Depot
I recommend watching my showcase video

Mechanical Saw && Mechanical Drill
 Mechanical Drill = Breaks all types of blocks except rock and obsidian
Mechanical Saw = Destroys entire trees

Redstone Link:
set the frequency (dye) and use.

-Transmitter only receives signal from redstone wire
-Receiver only sends redstone signal to redstone repeater

Water Wheel:
 It works when there’s water under it. used to generate turning force

Furnace Generator:
the most powerful generation of turning force. use coal as fuel
 I recommend watching my showcase video


Mechanical Piston:
 I recommend watching my showcase video

a hopper that drops items from the chest.

Pulse Adjustable Repeater:
 a redstone repeater with more timing options

 16 colors 🙂





Meu vídeo de demonstração: 

creator: Ramcor14_BR


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