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Bedrock Creepypasta Addon v1

Creepypasta Addon v1

Creepypasta is a place to gather characters, fictional stories that cause obsession, horror. Typically Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Laughing fack, Smile dog,… all of these are very famous on the internet.And this addon will remake some creepypasta characters into Minecraft BE [PE]




•Health: 500/500
•Attack damage: 500
•Speed: 3.5
•Ability: Teleport.

Jeff The Killer

•Health 45/45
•Attack damage: 350
•Speed: 4.5
•Abilities: None

Jane The Killer

•Health: 400/400
•Attack damage: 800
•Speed: 3
•Abilitis: None

Eyeless jack

•Health: 450/450
•Attack damage: 225
•Speed: 4.5
•Abilities: None

Ben Drowned

•Health: 860/860
•Attack damage (Range) : 100 – 400 (Damage per arrow)
•Speed: 3.5
•Ability: Range attack.


•Health: 1500/1500
•Attack damage (Range) : [Fireball]
•Speed: 3.5
•Abilities: Range attack, teleport.

Laughing Jack

•Health: 666/666
•Attack damage: 250
•Speed: 3.5
•Abilities: Teleport.

The rake

•Health: 2000/2000
•Attack damage: 45
•Speed: 5
•Abilities: None

Smile Dog

•Health: 1200/1200
•Attack damage: 86
•Speed: 8
•Abilities: None


•Health: 480/480
•Attack damage: 120
•Speed: 10
•Abilities: Super Speed.

Morph [Give you power of Creepypasta character]

Slenderman power

•Health: 500
•Attack: 500
•Speed: 3.5

Jeff The Killer power

•Health: 45
•Attack: 350
•Speed: 4.5

Eyeless Jack power

•Health: 450
•Attack: 225
•Speed: 4.5

Laughing Jack power

•Health: 666
•Attack: 350
•Speed:  3.5

That’s all. if you like, please give me 5 stars 😉
If you want make a video showcase of this addon, please give the link.


Turn on Experimental Mode to enjoy the addon 😉

creator: VuongNhat


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