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Bedrock Crimson Staff Addon

Crimson Staff Addon

This addon that adds Megumin’s Staff which, when used, will generate a huge explosion. Get out of your abyss! Mankind knows of no more powerful offensive technique! It’s the ultimate magic attack! Explosion!”


When you get your staff and interact with it, you will have 10 seconds to position the target marked with the arrow and then the magic circles will appear showing an imminent explosion. Position range is high but I recommend moving further away as you may end up exploding too.

Can be used 100 times, but has a 20-minute cooldown.

Steps to use correctly:

  • Phase 1: Focus the marked dot on the area you want to explode, for that move the player’s camera wherever you see is where the dot will be. You have 10 seconds to do it.
  • Phase 2: Here all you have to do is wait in a safe place for the spell to complete and explode destroying the blocks around it.

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creator: Paimon

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