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Bedrock Crinkle’s Goat

Crinkle’s Goat

Normal goats have a knockback, This addon adds 2 new goat variant that have different effect when they hit a target upon ramming or charging. they will behave like a normal goats and will spawn like vanilla goats


Goats will ram you randomly and with these addon goats will be a little more frequent increasing the chance of you getting rammed. So if you’re in a mountain be more careful

Goat variants:

Short horn – instead of pushing you, short horned goats will knock you up and you will receive fall some damage

Long horn – long horned goats will not push you or knock you up, but they’re dangerous due to the higher damage they have

This add-on will be added as a feature in my “chocolate addon V1.5.0″(try it if you like to be challenged). but some players might like it as it’s own addon.

You can modify the addon for Personal use

No need to give credits if you don’t want to, but don’t Claim it to be yours

And Please do not re-upload, thank you


download and import to minecraft

creator: https://twitter.com/crinkles_12


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