Crinkles’ Villager Infection

Normally any zombie type monster will turn villager into zombie villager. This addon changes how zombie, husk, and drowned affect villagers zombification. Now Villagers will turn into what infected them. Thus adding more variant and extra challenge to the game


Normal zombies will turn Villagers into Zombie villagers

Husk will turn Villagers into Husk Villagers making them immune to daylight burn.

Drowned will turn Villagers into Drowned Villagers making them capable of swimming.

Husk villagers can spawn on desserts, and drowned villagers can spawn on rivers and ocean. They will spawn rarely just like zombie villagers.

They work like normal zombie villagers. Upon curing they will regain their job,trading level and gives a discount.

This add-on will be added as a feature in my “chocolate addon V1.4.0″(you should try it). but some players might like it as it’s own addon.

You can modify the addon for Personal use

No need to give credits if you don’t want to, but don’t Claim it to be yours

And Please do not re-upload, thank you


download and import to minecraft. turn this on before you activate the behavior and resources



By aadhu

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