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Cryptocraft is an addon that adds legendary creatures from myths and urban legends, that will either help you or offer great danger to you during your adventures in your world!



I don’t take suggestions.

Updates of this addon are not confirmed and have no date.

Don’t ask about addons on my youtube channel.

Don’t share links directly to the downlaod of this addon.

I suffered a lot in my professional life because of addons, if you don’t want them to stop being produced again, don’t make the same mistakes as before.

Loki Gamer, if you are reading this, in respect for all the damage you have caused in my personal and professional life, don’t dare use this addon to produce content for your channel, nor dare use my work for your monetary benefit.



  • Chupacabras are marsupials related to opossums, but they are very similar to dogs and other canids, but don’t have much hair, and instead have quills on their backs that quiver when they get stressed, their teeth are big enough to come out of their lips, and a snake-like tongue.


  • They can rarely be found in savannas at night, and while it is dark they will be hostile against the player, during the day they will become neutral and may even breed if fed with mutton.
  • They have always attacked sheep and goats, so be careful if you have a farm in the savannah, because the Chuapacabras are even able to jump over great heights to get where they want to go.


  • If you find a chupacabra cub, or breed two chupacabras, you can use cooked mutton to tame the cub


  • You can use mutton to make it grow faster.
  • Using a bone, you can command the chupacabra to follow you or enter guard mode. During guard mode, the chupacabra will attack any mob that can offer danger to the player or his house, but it will also attack sheep and goats, so they are not good guard dogs for farms.
  • But they are excellent guards for villages and for their owner’s house, attacking everything that can offer danger, including other players. To make him protect a specific place, you can tie him up with a lasso so he can’t leave while in guard mode.
  • Added chupacabra                                                       

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