Crystalz Deluxe

Hello Everyone! I’m back with a brand new add-on, Crystalz Deluxe! Explore the underground, find new ores! Use the shards from the ores to create new special items, such as the Crystal Chime, or the Magic Rock Candy! 



In Crystalz Deluxe, there is 3 new ores, Peridot, Sapphire, and Rose Quartz! They all spawn from Y1 to Y20. Each ore has a chance to drop 1-4 Crystal Shards.

The new crystal shards are used to craft new items and blocks, but first you have to create the Crystal Table with 2 Amethyst Shards, and 4 Planks.

With the Crystal Table, you can craft the new shards into new crystal blocks!

Sapphire Block

Peridot Block

Rose Quartz Block


With all the shards, you can craft Rainbow Quartz.

Rainbow Quartz can be used to craft 2 new items, the Crystal Chime, and Magic Rock Candy!

The Crystal Chime plays a noteblock song and makes particles when used.

The Magic Rock Candy is a new food item, it gives you speed 3 for a minute and thirty seconds.

Note- These recipes do not need 64 of each item to craft a single item.


By aadhu

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