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Bedrock Currency Addon

Currency Addon

This addon adds currency to Minecraft! It features 3 different coins and 6 different types of dollar bills, as well as money stacks for each dollar type. This is perfect for roleplay’s, city’s, mini games and other types of worlds. Every thing that can be found in this addon, can be crafted in survival or found in the creative inventory.



💸Currency Addon💸

As stated in the introduction, This addon adds 3 different coins(Gold, Copper and iron), 6 different dominations of dollars (Ones ,Tens ,Twenty’s ,Fifty’s and hundreds) and money stacks for each dollar type. This addon goes great with roleplay, cities or other types of worlds


💵How to spawn them in💵

Everything featured in this addon can be found in the creative inventory, spawned with commands or crafted in survival


❓Frequently Asked Questions❓

The download dosent work?

if your download dosent work, then try updating your Minecraft to its latest version, if the issue still occurs, join us on discord and we can give you a direct download instead

Can i use this for my map?

Of course! just be sure to give credit.

Can i showcase this addon in a video?

Sure, just provide a link to this page.


💬Have an issue, Want to suggest a new feature, or chat? join us on discord!💬

Our discord


once downloaded it should port directly to minecraft, if you have any trouble getting it setup, join us on discord and we will help you sort out the issue.

creator: dream pixel


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