Custom Chat Commands [GameTest]

Custom chat commands addon adds a bunch of new custom commands that can be ran by the prefix “.” there are troll commands like .trap and .hole as well as useful commands such as .gm 1 and .i command_block


Custom chat command addon adds a bunch of new commands that can be ran in game via chat all of these commands can be accessed via .help.

.announce Hello server!

Sends an message through server

.gm 0

Changes the players gamemode

.cage @RomanMender3164(2)

Traps a player in a cage


Clears the minecraft chat

.summon cow 10

Summon a bunch of mobs

To give a player’s permission to use commands

To give a player permission to use .commands you need to give them the tag “admin” run the command /tag “Player” add admin and to remove the permission do /tag “Player” remove admin.

List of Commands

  • .announce <message> – Announces an message to the server
  • .banish <@player> – Teleports a player to a random location
  • .cage <@player> – Traps the player in a obsidian cage
  • .ci – Clears your inventory
  • .clearchat – Clears the chat
  • .credit – Displays the credits
  • .day – Sets the time to day
  • .feed – Fills your hunger bar
  • .gm <gamemode> – Sets your gamemode (same as /gamemode)
  • .heal – Sets your health to full
  • .help [page] – Displays the help message
  • .hole <@player> –  Puts the player in a hole
  • .i <item> [amount] – Gives the player a stack of items
  • .night – Sets the time to night
  • .ping – Pong!
  • .run <amount> <command> – Run a command many times
  • .setspawn – Sets the players spawn point
  • .smite <@player> – Summon a lightning bolt on a player
  • .summon <mob> <amount> – Summons a number of mobs
  • .swap <@player> <@player> – Swaps a players coords with a different player
  • .tpall – Teleports everyone to you
  • .tphere <@player> – Teleports someone to you

Do not:

  • Put a Media Fire link into any website and do not use other Link shorteners to give access to this page.
  • Re-upload onto any online site such as other mod websites.

You can:

  • Learn from the pack, to make other packs.
  • Use small sections of the code.

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This pack requires GameTest Framework Enabled

This pack may not work on consoles, works fine on windows 10 and realms, minecraft is working on adding console support



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