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Bedrock Custom Hats Addon (Part 1)

Custom Hats Addon (Part 1)

Custom hats addon, this addon was created by markycubes This addon introduces over 50 new items that players can get! Over 25 of the hats are obtainable in survival, you can get them simply by finding the markycubes trader in game, he sells around 25 hats All the other hats that aren’t sold can be obtained in creative, reason being I wanted some of the hats the be considered rare. This is my first addon so please leave any suggestions or feedback, and thank you for downloading!!If you experience trouble contact me on discord – Honey Thief#9295 I do not take responsibility for any of the hat textures. I simply made the addons.


Here are some screenshots from in game, there are a lot more hats than this but this is just a few.

You can find all the hats either in the creative menu or you can find a select few in the trader that is wandering around in game, any suggestions or anything please let me know.


fixed link so it only has one ad action on it


To install simply download both the behavior and resource packs from this addon, once downloaded just click on both packs and they should be added to your game! After that just go into your world settings and enable both packs in the behavior and resource pack options. I am not sure if experimental options need to be on, but if you are having issues i recommend turning on the experimental features!

creator: Markycubes


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