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Bedrock Cute Eren Minecraft 1.19 Add-On

Cute Eren Minecraft 1.19 Add-On


At first there was the “Small Mikasa” Add-On, but something was missing… How can Mikasa be herself without Aaron Yogurt??? So I decided to fix that! Now get ready for the brand new and adorable “Cute Eren” Add-On!!!

The “Cute Eren” Add-On is brought to you by Ceiszu162! 

This Add-On brings you the joy to unite two characters that love each other unconditionally, they might not show it, but I’m pretty sure that they enjoy being together. 

Alright, time to talk about the star of this Add-On.

Cute Eren



Where to find him?

The Cute Eren spawn egg can be found inside the loot chest at a jungle temple.


How to befriend him?


His favorite food is Rabbit Stew, but he does enjoy any other cooked food item.

Eren will defend you against dangerous mobs just because he wants to, not because you told him to do so… he is Free.

This Add-On is inspired by the Attack On Titan character “Eren Yeager”.


Once you have downloaded the Add-On, Minecraft will automatically install it for you. Just make sure to add the resource or behavior pack to your world.

No experimental gameplay needed.

creator: Ceiszu162


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