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Danger Creatures


This addon adds a total of 5 dangerous creatures to your minecraft, it must be clarified that this is the first version, if you find any bug or any recommendation, you can put it in the comments and solve it, let’s start.


It is a snake from mythology, it is too fast and will break everything around it to kill its prey, it has a total of 35 life and 16 damage per attack, it will give you a little poison and will appear in all kinds of forests, when killed it can give you seeds or iron and has the ability to break any type of block to follow its prey. If you find one the best option is to fight instead of running because if you do she will have too much advantage!



The cyclops is a creature from mythology, it will kill its enemies no matter what!, it has a total of 65 life and 19 damage for each attack, it will give you a bit of the hunger effect and will appear in all kinds of deserts, when killed it can give you a stone or leather ax and has the ability to summon wither skeletons every 100 seconds. If you find one it is better to kill it before 100 seconds because if not things will get complicated in the fight against it!


Dark Ent

The ent is a creature from mythology he is not someone wild only if you damage his forest he will kill you!, he has a total of 95 life and 30 damage he has 2 different types of attacks and will appear in all kinds of forests where there are trees, there he will be! Killing him can give you a type of wood or totem of immortality and he has an ability that favors those who take care of the forest, if you approach him with a empty jar you can extract sap from the. Be careful when cutting down or damaging any tree because if he sees you doing it he will kill you! 


Golden inka

This creature is an invocation of a type of tribe and just by looking at one of its gold blocks or its diamond eyes, it will kill you! It has a total of 100 life and 30 damage, it has 2 types of attack and each one does different damage to its prey and will appear throughout the nether, killing it can give you gold blocks or diamonds and has the ability to launch attacks quickly. Be careful not to drop any gold block or diamond in front of him because it will kill you!


Dark warrior

It is a fictional creature and it is the most dangerous so far! It has a total of 150 life and 30 maximum damage on its attacks. It has 3 types of attacks, 2 of them do 15 damage and the strongest one does 45 damage. and it will appear in the nether, the end and in a few caves, killing it can give you obsidian or netherite rubble and it has the ability to randomize all its attacks so that its prey never waits for the next attack. If you find one and you are not well armed, it is better to flee or else you will lose everything!


All these creatures have a very low probability of appearing in your world so that the fights against them are not very repetitive, their probability of finding one is 1 in 100 but it is not impossible, it is just a good search!



Bottle of Dark Tree Sap

This bottle contains sage of the dark ent creature of mythology when drinking it you will have 1 positive and 1 negative thing, the positive is that you will feel hungry but it will give you the effect of dizziness for a few seconds. Good very well when you are in a complicated combat!


This addon is in its version 1.0 so you can see some errors or it is very simple but you can leave us your recommendations to try to add them or your errors found in the addon, we will be reading everyone!

creator: TonyLeon0122


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