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Bedrock Darkness Awakened V1.0.0

Darkness Awakened V1.0.0

Darkness Awakened is a add-on which currently doesn’t add that much content, but in return it adds a lot of QoL items and blocks each with unique abilities and features and the best thing is that all of this is survival friendly!(all pictures shown on this page are custom made one’s and not in-game screenshot’s!)


Crafting Tables

Since this add-on adds 4 new crafting stations it would be kinda difficult to know which recipe belongs to which table so that’s why i made different background’s and labels for each station (note: some recipes can be made in multiple stations not just one but for the sake of my sanity i just used the one where you’ll be more likely to find this recipe in).

Crafting: stands for Crafting Table, which means that you can make recipes with this label in this station.

Station: stands for Crafting Station, which means that you can make recipes with this label in this station.

Saw: stands for Woodsaw, which means that you can make recipes with this label in this station.

Compact: stands for Compactor, which means that you can make recipes with this label in this station.

Archery: stands for Archery Station, which means that you can make recipes with this label in this station.

Smelt: stands for a Furnace/Blast Furnace/Smoker/Campfire (depends on the icon of the furnace in which it can be smelt in).



Starting in Darkness Awakened will be different from your regular playthrough’s mainly, because recipe of planks have changed to more difficult one, instead of getting planks from logs you’ll get a respective bark and it’s respective stripped variant, you can use barks to make stripped logs back to their regular forms.

Firstly you’ll be required to gather some flint from gravel, then you can sharpen the flint on stone by dropping it on top of it (note: dropping multiple flint’s will only yield 1 sharpened flint so drop it 1 by 1), after sharpening your flint you can now make flint dagger but you’ll firstly require a stick which can be obtained from breaking leaves, once you crafted yourself a flint dagger.

 You can now gather green string from leaves using flint dagger, green string can be used to make flint saw which when placed next to a log you’ll get 2 respective planks and a flint saw back.


Equipment Slot Items

Equipment Slot is a slot where Equipment Slot Items work when putted in to it, first two slots on the top left of the inventory are equipment slots (symbolized by the red squares with a chestplate in the picture below)

Sculk Magnet:

 Sculk magnet is an item which pulls items from 10 block radius (unless there is a steel block in range of 15 blocks from the item, which can be useful around automatic farms to not take the items by accident), entites other than player can use sculk magnets by having it in their mainhand instead of the equipment slot (note: if entity other than player pulls an item it will not produce any particle), it can be made by surrounding rusted magnet with sculk shards which now have a chance to drop from the Warden

Cloud Walker Boot’s:

 Cloud walker boot’s generate main disappearing cloud and 8 other clouds around the main one below you, the main cloud counts only to the cloud generate limit, once the limit hits 100 main clouds generated you’ll have to wait 5 seconds before more main clouds can be generated (smoke particles will generate below you when more clouds can be generated), your limit will not reset if you take the boot’s off and then put them back on same with the cooldown but since it takes the clouds longer to dissapear than the cooldown to refresh you can just wait a while and continue, since there are no clouds in the nether and end it only generates clouds in the overworld!

Cursed Relic:

 Cursed relic is the most unique equipment slot item due to being the only one which works differently based on which slot it is placed in, while this relic can be useful in certain scenarios you’ll be required to slay the Warden multiple times due to this item being quite a rare drop

When equipped in left slot the player will gain saturation but in exchange you’ll gain wither effect

When equipped in right slot the player will gain speed but in exchange you’ll gain hunger effect

When held in main or off hand the player will gain regeneration but in exchange you’ll gain slowness, weaknes and mining fatigue


 Autocompactor can compact compactable items in your inventory, making it super useful in farms but also while mining, you’ll be required to have 9 of the compactable item in your inventory, this is also the only equipment slot item which doesn’t work when you have multiple of it equipped at once due to a duplication glitch involved with this, to compact stone like block you’ll be required to also hold a drill with a steel chassis in it


Compacting and Uncompacting

You can compact 9 of the same item/block into a 1 super item/block for better storage, this super item/block can also be uncompacted back into 9 of the regular item/block, you’ll be required to craft yourself a compactor which is one of the new crafting stations which can compact items and blocks, it can also uncompact them but you can also uncompact the items and blocks in the crafting table/inventory crafting so you dont have to carry the compactor everywhere, you can also make autocompactor which compacts items for you, if you want to compact stone like blocks with a autocompactor you’ll be required to also have a drill with a steel chassis in your hand

List of all the compactable items:

 Beetroot, Beetroot Seeds, Bone, Bone Meal, Carrot, Coal, Copper Ingot, Diamond, Emerald, Gold Ingot, Gunpowder, Iron Ingot, Nether Wart, Potato, Quartz, Raw Copper, Raw Gold, Raw Iron, Rotten Flesh, Spider Eye, String, Wheat and Wheat Seeds

List of all the compactable blocks:

 Andesite, Basalt, Blackstone, Cobbled Deepslate, Cobblestone, Deepslate, Diorite, Granite, Netherrack, Stone and Tuff



This add-on also adds new tools while this items can be super useful in certain scenarios but they also have their downsides to balance them so it’s unlikely for these new tools to replace your existing one’s also all tools are enchantable but only when you combine them with a book in an anvil

Mechanical Hoe:

 Mechanical hoe can tilt dirt and grass in 4×4 area around you and it will also harvest and replant fully grown crops in the 4×4 area around you, but it can’t break blocks faster like a regular hoe does

Mechanical Axe:

 Mechanical axe capitates trees in a 5×5 area around you after cutting any log/stem, it can capitate all trees, hight and shape doesn’t matter this baddie can destroy them all, but it can’t break other wood related blocks


Drill’s are super useful for mining since they can insta-mine stone like blocks and also there is a small chance of an lootchest dropping when breaking stone with the drill, drills can have different heads and also different chassis, but it can’t break ores

to enchant the drill you’ll be firstly required to get enchanted book (not to be confused with enchanted book :>), which has a low chance to be dropped from Lootchest, after combining it with any drill (after you apply the book you can no longer change the drill) the drill will have a enchantment glint on it and now you can enchant it with a any enchanted book in an anvil (enchantment table doesnt work for these tools!)


“Basic Head” (soft)

 – can be crafted, soft head can only mine soft stone blocks such as: “stone, cobblestone, hardened clay, netherrack, ice, sandstone, red sandstone and stained hardened clay

“Hard Head” (hard)

 – can be found in lootchests, hard head can mine the same blocks as soft head but also it can mine blocks such as: “all compacted stone blocks, concrete, blackstone, magma, end stone, packed ice, blue ice, polished blackstone, basalt, polished basalt, stonebrick, chiseled polished blackstone, cracked polished blackstone bricks, polished blackstone bricks, prismarine, end bricks, smooth stone, deepslate, tuff, calcite, smooth basalt, cobbled deepslate, deepslate tiles, cracked deepslate tiles, deepslate bricks, cracked deepslate bricks, chiseled deepslate, polished deepslate, obsidian and crying obsidian (obsidian and crying obsidian doesn’t get insta-mined but it’s much faster to mine them)



– basic chassis gives you no benefits, but is required to make the drill in the first place, can be crafted


– stell chasis allows you to compact stone blocks in your inventory, requires for autocompactor to be equipped, can be crafted


– amethyst chassis has a higher chance for a Lootchest to be dropped while mining, can be crafted


– netherite chassis has a 3x higher durability than other chassis (regular chassis:3456), (netherite chassis:10368), low chance to be bartered from the piglins



Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls allow you to instanly spawn golem-like mobs which normally are required to be built, but with this you can spawn them instantly without having to take time to build them, you can also spawn them with a dispenser



Woodsaw is a new crafting station which allows you to make planks, to compensate with the low amount of planks given from flint saw you’ll gain 8 planks instead of the regular 4, woodsaw can also make all wood related furniture with just 1 plank


Archery Table

Archery table is a new crafting station which has similiar recipe to the fletching table (instead of regular flint you use sharpened flint and only birch planks can be used), archery table is a new way of making bows, crossbows, arrows and target blocks (tipped arrows not yet!) since you can not make mentioned items in a crafting table anymore you’ll be required to craft archery table to make these, you can use fletching table to make archery table or vice versa  



Lootchests are new items obtainable by mining stone/deepslate with a drill, when using amethyst chassis you have much higher chance of lootchest being dropped, lootchests drops various items and amounts of items you can get upto 7 different items at the same time if you’re lucky enough

*you will always get around 1-10 gold ingots *Always*

*you can get around 0-2 emeralds *Frequent*

*you can either get nothing or you get 1-3 gold ingots or 0-3 experience bottles *Usually*

*you can either get nothing or you get up/down ruler piece or rusted magnet *Rarely*

*you can either get nothing or you get 0-2 uranium *Occasionally*

*you can either get nothing or you get 1-2 amethyst chassis fragments or hard drill head *Barely*

*you can either get nothing or you get enchanted book or soul of the undying *Unusual*


Golden Trades

Golden trades is a new feature which adds 3 extra trades to the wandering villager, it contains some useful items, it’s called golden trades due to most of these trades costing gold ingots instead of emeralds, these golden trades often sell items which normally are locked behind a progression, which allows you to get certain items much sooner

Possible New Trades:

Max uses, Trading, Amount, For“:

  • 4 , Dragon Breath, 1, 40 Gold Ingots
  • 1 , Lava Bucket, 1, 16 Gold Ingots
  • 8 , Frog Spawn, 1, 10 Gold Ingots
  • 8 , Turtle Egg, 1, 12 Gold Ingots
  • 4 , Sponge, 4, 32 Gold Ingots
  • 2 , Chorus Flower, 1, 5 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Hopper, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Repeater, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Comparator, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Daylight Detector, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Observer, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 16, Piston, 2, 3 Gold Ingots
  • 8 , Experience Bottles, 4, 6 Gold Ingots
  • 64, Lead, 1, 1 Gold Ingot
  • 4 , Saddle, 1, 64 Gold Ingots and 64 Emeralds
  • 6 , Golden Apple, 1, 16 Gold Ingots
  • 8 , Nametag, 1, 16 Gold Ingots
  • 2 , Uranium, 1, 4 Gold Ingots
  • 1 , War Horn, 1, 20 Gold Ingots
  • 4 , Repair Kit, 1, 1 Diamond



Radiation is spreading slowly across dirt and grass blocks, radiation can only be caused by the player by placing toxic waste, you can get toxic waste netherite bucket by surrounding a netherite bucket with 8 pieces of uranium which can be occasionally found in lootchests or can be bought from the golden trades from the wandering villager, while holding uranium or toxic waste bucket you’ll gain deadly effect, there is planned content involved with radiation so except this tab to get expanded when the new update will come out!



There are a few machines which most of them work together quite well


Not a machine but a very import tool, with wrench you can interact with machines but its main ability is to break machines much faster



Station is well… a new crafting station added, with this station you can make many machines but also some useful items and blocks (you will get netherite bucket back)


Power Cube

Power cube is required for machines to run, power cube can be turned off or on with a wrench (you will get netherite bucket back)



There are two types of conveyors currently, regular and advanced, while regular is much easier to make but its much slower than the more expensive advanced conveyor, conveyors transport items and will try to put the item always in the middle, conveyors can also transport all entities except players and armor stands, when you interact with a wrench the conveyor swaps direction



There are 5 types of harvesters, harvesters harvests fully grown crops in a 4×4 area (same distance as the water can fertilize farmlands)



 Dismounts nearby entities, useful for zombie farms where baby zombies climb on zombies, or for zombified piglin farm where occasionally baby zombified piglins spawn riding a chicken



Hits mobs which walk on top of it for 0 damage which counts as a player hitted which means that the mobs then can drop xp and other loot which only drops if player hitted the entity


Flame Trap

If you place redstone block on the side of it, it will burn the target which will walk in the opposite side of the redstone block in a 5 block radius



Fans will give you levitation for a while allowing you to go up around ~13 blocks



 Droppers move items from top to bottom, Uppers move items from bottom to top, when interacted with a wrench it changes from dropper to upper or vice versa


Sound Muffler

Makes all sounds play only 1 tick


Steel Block

Steel block can be made from smelting raw iron block in a blast furnace, steel block also nullifies magnets in a 15 block radius making items not being able to be pulled by magnets




There are quite some useful farming related items

Seed Packs

Seed packs can be made from by surrounding empty pack with respective compacted crop, upon using it, it plants respective crop in a 4×4 area around you, it also plants the crops when you interact corresponding seed pack with corresponding harvester



There are two types of fertilizers, regular fertilizer and nether fertilizer, regular can grow beetroots, carrots, potatoes and wheats instantly in a 1×1 area, nether fertilizer can only grow nether wart instantly in a 1×1 area


Orb of Growing

Orb of growing can be obtained by harvesting any fully grown crop with harvesters or mechanical hoe, Works the same as regular fertilizer but has infinite use with a 30 second cooldown


Growth Lantern

Growth Lantern is a block which produces small light but it’s main function is to make crops grow faster or at least make crops grow by 1 stage every 30 seconds from 2 block radius in every direction below it, growth lantern looks similar to the regular lantern but it is much taller and the orb of growing inside of the lantern always faces the player and when it eventually grows the crop it also releases green particles from the orb (the weird looking block is glass pane)




Here are some few items and blocks which didn’t really fitted into other categories


Rulers are useful for measuring distance, upon using “ruler” blocks will appear these blocks will go to distance of 10 blocks to both sides, “ruler” blocks can be destroyed easily or can be interacted with to make it dissapear, when you’re crouching and you use the ruler the ruler will switch to different direction based on xyz x>y>z>x



Spikes deal 2 damage (1 full heart) this pierces armor so spikes are quite effecient for killing mobs, mainly when paired with hitter, can only be picked up when interacted with shears



Jar is used to gather clouds, but be careful since when gathering the cloud, the jar filled with cloud can fly away quite easily so you’ll be required to build yourself a roof or use sculk magnet otherwise it will fly away, jar filled with cloud can be used to place or pick up a cloud block which gives slow fall to nearby players when placed


Wooden Cog

Wooden cog is a material which is used in making harvesters but also you can use it instead of bow to make dispenser



There are also some new QoL furnace recipes i feel like should be in the vanilla game: Sand and Red Sand can be smelted in blast furnace to make glass, cobblestone can be smelted in blast furnace to make stone


Fake Diamond

Fake diamond block is a trap block which when destroyed it spawns 4 tnt’s at the same time, the block appears the same in inventory as a regular diamond block, fake diamond block can be disarmed with shears similiarly like spikes


Unstable Glass

Unstable glass is a block which is normally solid but when entity steps on it it turns unstable and entities can fall thru it, but after a while or interacting with it, it will turn solid again


Rainbow Wool

Rainbow wool is made from two pieces each piece requires 8 of different wool colors but both will require 16 different wool colors, this block can turn full white when looking at it in a specific angle this is due to how minecraft bedrock handles flipbook textures, there are two different rainbow wool types DATA and COLOR, in DATA the colors go by the order of the data value of wool, while COLOR goes by the more logical order of colors 



Coordinates are now only shown when you have any type of compass in your inventory, atleast one player is required to have compass in their inventory for everyone to see coordinates



Flint n’ steel is now crafted from steel ingot instead of iron ingot

Totems are now craftable but they require quite a rare item from lootchests which is soul of the undying




Usage Conditions

You are permitted to:

– Examine the code and works to learn more about the creation and development of add-ons.

– Change the code or works to suit your needs.

– Use the add-on packs as you see fit in-game.

– Re-distribute the add-on packs or works elsewhere, with approval of the author.

You are NOT permitted to:

– Negate the accreditation of the original author.

– Paste the direct download link, negating the  page.

– Take the author’s code, works, and textures just to republish them as your own.

[Darkness Awakened] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License by Łolko.

Permissions that extend beyond the scope of this license may be obtained from ŁolkoBanana#0768.

creator: https://twitter.com/NotLolko


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