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Bedrock Darth Revan ModPack

Darth Revan ModPack [Beta]

This Addon adds in a few things that revolve around the character Darth Revan from Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic. You can make his armour and lightsabers by finding silver Ore and Kyber Crystals underground, making circuit boards with copper wires, and adding new cloth materials.

The Lightsabers are made up of 3 main components that you need to craft first, the emitter, the shaft, and the hilt. The red and purple lightsabers have different components that go together which have different crafting recipes.

Silver ore can be found anywhere underground below Y level 64 and can be mined with any pick axe. Silver ore will drop 1 raw silver and you can craft a silver ingot with 4 raw silver. Kyber Crystal Ores can also be found underground below Y level 64 but only in veins of 1 either red or purple. You can also mine these with any pick axe and they drop a single crystal which you can use to craft the lightsabers.

Copper wires can be crafted with 2 copper ingots and string and they are used in many crafting recipes for this Addon so you will want to make sure you get lots of.

Another important item you will need are circuit boards which can be crafted with copper and gold ingots and copper wires.

To make the purple lightsaber you will have to follow these crafting recipes:





To make the Red Follow These:





To make Darth Revan’s outfit you will need some leather, silver, and cloth. To craft cloth you just put 3 white wool block in a diagonal line to get white cloth.

For the outfit you will need black and white cloth which can be crafted by putting white cloth with black or red dye.

(Note: red dye comes up as black also trying to fix)

Once you have all those materials you can craft your own Darth Revan outfit by following these crafting recipes:





Here is what the outfit and lightsaber‘s look together

creator: Zyorex


Download from link


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