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Bedrock Death Reaper Addon

Death Reaper Addon

This addon will add 2 new mobs into your game and a very powerful weapon, this boss is very hard to kill and has a minion but if you kill both of them you will obtain the Reapers Scythe


This addon will allow you to spawn a deadly boss in the game that is able to kill you very easily if you are not equipped. The death reaper will spawn with a minion and the minion has less health but does less damage and applies slowness to you whenever he hits you. They will both drop a peice to the death scythe that you can combine in a crafting table with a wither skull to obtain the scythe for yourself and all of its given effects.    


got rid of a previous link that was deemed unsafe but its good now, can you guys tell me why my other addons are still pending


just click the articles and then continue

creator: romandamodmaker



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