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Bedrock Debug Stick UI

Debug Stick UI

Manage your blocks, waterlog your blocks, change block properties: fast, easy and fun.

This addon will be useful if you are a map maker or any kind of content creator 



– Turn on GameTest Framework ✔️

-Turn on Holiday Creator Features ✔️

-Make sure you have the latest Minecraft official version ✔️

Getting Debug Stick:

You can get it using the following command “/give @s add:debug_stick_block” or in “Item” category


Just hit any block and a dialogue boxes will be displayed and edit anything you want.

Note: Due to some bugs custom blocks aren’t allowed to edit (game crashes if this happens) so you can use it on custom blocks but it won’t get any change.


Follow me on Twitter @Juaneitor11

creator: https://twitter.com/Juaneitor11



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