Debug Stick

Have you ever placed a block and wanted to change some stuff about it, but didn’t feel like breaking that block? This recreation of the debug stick from Minecraft Java Edition allows you to do just that! You can edit block properties and view block tags all with one item.


Edit block properties

Edit a block’s property by using the “place” button the block.

Switch block properties

Switch which block property is being edited by using the “attack” button on the block.

View block properties and tags

View a block’s properties and tags by “sneaking” and “attacking” the block.

Get it via /give

Run ‘/give @s mb:debug_stick’ in chat to give yourself the debug stick.


  • Fixed gif images not showing up.
  • Reworded some sentences to make them a bit clearer.


  • Open the downloaded file, it’ll import the pack into Minecraft.
  • Enable the GameTest Framework experimental toggle on your world.
  • Enable the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle on your world.
  • Apply the pack found in the Behavior Packs section to your world.
  • You’re done! You can now mess around with the debug stick in-game.



By aadhu

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