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Bedrock Definitive Tree Capitator Addon

Definitive Tree Capitator Addon [Compatible any Addons and Any Custom Axe]

This addon will allow you to remove an entire tree by chopping only one block of it, it is compatible with any addon since it does not use player.json but it uses gametest and it will also work with any custom ax from another addon with the tree function capitator that grants this plugin, functional for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10/1.18.12 onwards.


Before starting I will give you recommendations for the best performance of the addon, and if you use it with other addons I will also guide you so that everything works correctly.

-Experimental Games

These are the experimental options necessary for the correct operation of this addon and a correct gameplay and gaming experience.



This addon is divided into 2 game options for people who want to configure it to their liking.

Alse Custom: by default it comes in this configuration which allows all vanilla axes and customs from other addons to work with the tree capitator ability.

Vanilla Only: this setting allows only vanilla axes to have the tree capitator ability, if you enable this custom axes from other addons will not have the tree capitator ability


Now I will proceed to show the operation of the axes with the ability of the tree capitator, and I will also do it with custom axes of any addon that has axes so that you can see that it is functional with custom axes.

Alse Custom Axe Config

To use this addon with other addons and make it work properly follow the steps below.

The first thing is to activate this function in the addon so that the axes of other addons can access the operation of the addon.

then activate the addon you want to use together with the tree capitator, put it first in case the other addon uses the player.json and also activate all the experimental games for the correct functioning of the addon.

that would be all you can use it with almost any addon that contains a custom axe, this does not ensure that it works with all custom axes, another thing is that this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON so it will be compatible with almost any addon and you can easily put it on last if you want.


NewTools Addon —-> Click here

If you are interested in the addon that I use as an example to test the operation of the tree capitator with new axes, I leave the link right here

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Download guide

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