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Bedrock Demon Slayer ST Add-On

Bedrock Computer Technologies’ Demon Slayer ST Add-On is an add-on enthusiast’s dream come true. This advanced technology comes with a host of features, including a game-changing surround sound experience, that makes it a must-have for video game fans.

The add-on is designed for anyone looking for the best gaming audio experience possible. It allows gamers to adjust the sound according to their personal preferences and enjoy a truly surround-sound digital experience. It also comes with a 3D sound experience, which enhances the audio capabilities of digital surround systems. In addition, this add-on offers gamers a level of control over their audio output, allowing them to customize their gaming experience.

The Demon Slayer ST Add-On comes with a range of additional benefits. It supports a wide array of devices, such as headphones, speakers, and LED lighting to add a unique touch to your gaming setup. The add-on even comes with a free game controller that supports the add-on.

The add-on is also easy to use and configure. It includes a detailed user manual to help gamers learn how to use the add-on, while an intuitive user interface ensures that gamers can quickly set up the add-on and begin enjoying the enhanced sound experience without any hassle.

Bedrock Computer Technologies’ Demon Slayer ST Add-On is the perfect accessory for any gaming enthusiast wanting to take their gaming setup to the next level. With its impressive audio quality, customizable settings, and support for a variety of devices, it is sure to be a game-changer.

Demon Slayer ST Add-On


this is a new demon slayer addon which adds various nichirin, breaths, clothes, quests, buildings, kekijutsu, evolution and also you can choose your path being an oni or hunter. best of all, you can play with your friends because the addon is 99.9% survivable, and the addon has english, spanish and portuguese versions



Ah Addon Be Working In Version 1.19 But Maybe It Can Be Picking Up In Version 1.20,


this addon can be played in these languages ​​that are below

Choose Your Skin Color

white skin color

dark skin color


Choose Hair Types

hair one

hair two

hair three


Choose Hair Color

After choosing your hair color, you must close and open the menu again

After you finish assembling your player, you will be able to choose your style of score, being the option of pc, and cell phone


Choose Your Score

Cell phone



The Blacksmiths Will Help You Repair Your Nichirin After Defeating The Hunters, Who Will Have A Chance To Give You A Broken Nichirin

Tamahagane ore

For you I got the Tamahagane ore, you can go to the caves, or by defeating the haganezuka



Become Oni

Once it becomes Oni, you will be unable to walk during daylight.

To evolve

Every time you drink blood, you get stronger

Oni Level Two 20 Blood

Oni Level Three 60 Blood

Lower Moon Oni 130 Blood

Oni Superior Moon 200  Blood

Human Meat

Human Meat Will Regenerate Oni, More Common Humans Will Have Negative Effects

oni missions

You Will Can Do The Stories, From The Part Of The Onis

After Finish Ah First Mission, You Can Go To Next



onis can also use double jump which can reach 11 blocks of height



Demon art rui

Demon art akaza

Demon art nezuko

Demon art Hand

Demon art temari

Demon art Yahaba

Demon art kyogai

Demon art muzan


become hunter

To Become a Hunter You Must Talk to Urokodaki,



To do the missions you must wait until midnight that you will get an item to call your crow


rank up

To Raise Your Hunter Rank, You Must Eliminate the onis, Every 5 kill Of oni You Raise Your Rank


increase your breathing


You must hold the splint until the red color changes to green


You will get pegala by talking to shinobu



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