Dexten’s Autumn v1.0

Welcome everyone, today I bring you one more of my addons, I hope you like it since I try too hard, I remember that it is a beta, and now if we start. “Dexten’s Autumn” is an addon which adds a new biome called: “Autumn Forest”, which brings 4 new trees and many procedural structures that you are sure to like, so keep looking.


Autumnal Leaves

Autumn Trees

Autumnal Structures

In the Autumn biome, the water is more blue and transparent, there is a change in the environment and the generation of mobs was added in the biome.

In the future more mobs will be added that will inhabit the biome and also many more structures, I hope you like it.

If you are going to review this addon, remember that it is forbidden to leave a direct link. You must leave the link to the page


By aadhu

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