Dials of Reality


Dials of Reality is a mod that adds 10 useful or fun tools for your survival world and some additional items. The dials can all be crafted in a crafting table. Each dial serves a good purpose in survival or even in creative in different ways. The goal of this add-on is to enhance your survival gameplay. This is also my first add-on so if anything needs to be changed or modified, please join the discord and tell me. Any support will be greatly appreciated.



The 10 dials added to the game



Sun Dial: changes time to day

Moon Dial: changes time to night

Clear Weather Dial: clears rain and thunder

Rain Dial: changes weather to rain

Lightning Dial: Changes weather to thunder


Normal Fog Dial: reverts fog to normal

End Fog Dial: changes fog to end fog (great to use in Nether which will help boost your vision by a lot)

Nether Fog Dial: changes fog to the nether wasteland fog

Vertigo Dial: causes your camera to shake for 10 seconds

Destruction Dial: will cause massive explosion and will kill you in survival. (Don’t Spam unless you want lag)

Other Items

Big Explosion Snowball: does the same thing as destruction dial

Dense Cloud: an item crafted with 3 by 3 pattern of snow blocks 

Water Cloud: bucket of water and dense cloud

Big Stick: An uncraftable joke item in the creative inventory. (best weapon in the game)


End fog dial helping nether vision

Clearing the rain with the Clear Weather Dial

Using Nether Fog Dial

Destruction Dial explosion



Some of the Crafting recipes


creator: Totemic


Fixed Textures

updated a few textures to look better 

Removed recipe for big stick


  1. click download link
  2. click on the read an article and wait 10 seconds and then exit out of it
  3. press continue
  4. After pressing continue, you’ll be diverted to media fire where you will download the addon
  5. open up file explorer and double click the download which will open minecraft and installation process is complete.

By aadhu

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