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Bedrock Dirt Man`s Memes Add-On

Dirt Man`s Memes Add-On


Adds popular memes to Minecraft Bedrock. For this first instalment of the Add-On- I have added John Xina and Super Idol to the game- 2 of the most popular memes of 2021!

This add-on adds John Xina and Super Idol to Minecraft- two very popular chinese-themed memes from 2021. I made these 2 some time ago on my YouTube channel

Super Idol

The super idol meme came from a popular Chinese Tiktoker, Zmcmtianyiming, who went viral on youtube recently. In the summer of 2021, he uploaded a video of himself singing a song titled 热爱105°C的你 by 阿肆- known simply as “Super Idol”. At the end of the video, he splashes a bottle of water at the camera man. 

I have recreated this iconic meme in Minecraft Bedrock. Watch below as the MCPE “Super Idol” sings his signature song!

John Xina

John Xina came from a popular meme of the same name. Created after the famous WWE wrestler, John Xina, uploaded videos of himself speaking Chinese- as well as giving an apology to China- this meme was created to poke fun at the famous wrestler, depicting him in photoshopped pictures with same outfit as Mao Zedong. My mob of him replicates the most iconic features of the meme- including John Xina`s love for Bing Chilling (ice cream) and Lao Gan Ma (Chili Sauce), most of his best voice lines, and his Chinese outfit! 

If you want chinese cities as shown here- consider downloading my RPG add-on Battle for the Realm/Dungeon Craft that adds tons of nations like the China-inspired Zhongguo, a lot of biomes, 300+ mobs, and so much more!

creator: twitter.com/ThatDirtMan1


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