Dismount Table 0.1 (with Custom Interface)

This addon adds a new crafting table with custom interface it serves to undo armor and tools. Remembering that you need to put the dismantling tool under the crafting table to work I hope you have fun.


Dismount Table Recipe

 Dismantling Tool Recipe

Recipe for disassembling your tools

dismount table appearance


This is a simple addon that will make a lot of difference in your game, it has a compatibility system with other addons that also use a custom interface.

remembering that to disassemble the item you place the disassembly tool on the bottom and the item you want to disassemble on top.

For now it’s working with all the tools and armor of diamond, gold, iron and even netherite.

When you disassemble an item you gain all the items you would normally use to craft it.

And you also get the disassembly tool back, meaning you only need to make one to disassemble all your tools and armor.


just updating the page with more information about the addon to get better understanding.


By aadhu

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